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Hi there, I'm Yuunarii! I often go by the alias Yuu online.

I'm a 23 year old college/university student from the Netherlands, studying IT & Media Design. I make illustrated storytime videos alongside the occasional educational, review and tutorial videos on Youtube. I'm not the best at animating, so I try to make the still images I use in my video's as appealing and interesting as possible using interesting visuals and fancy After Effects motion effects.

I started out on Youtube mainly doing UTAU stuff, back in 2012 (if you don't count my old 2010 Sonic Youtube channel). However after roughly 4 years of being in the UTAU community, things kinda became stale and I felt like doing something else. So around December 2016 I decided to give the "animated storytime" format a go.

I've enjoyed making said videos ever since, and am continuously trying my best to improve the quality of my videos. One day I hope to befriend some fellow animated storytime youtubers too! I own(ed) two pet bunnies called Bailey and Fudge who I love very dearly. Sometimes they make brief cameos in my videos (despite Bailey sadly having passed away, I still want him to be remembered.). I spend most of my spare time working on new videos. If I'm not though, I'm either taking care of Bailey and Fudge, drawing something, or watching some anime. Aside from that I highly enjoy anything animation related, both cartoons and anime.
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My bunnies


Often disguised himself a giant stuffed plushie. Bailey loved to cuddle with Fudge and was very much dependant on him. Unfortunately, he passed away May 2018 due to an incurable lung tumour.


A lovable middle aged bun who really loves being petted. Unlike Hazel and Bailey he is way less hyper and instead likes to sleep throughout the day. His favourite snacks are dried apple chunks.


A young cheeky little bun who loves to explore the garage whenever she has the chance. She doesn’t quite like humans as much as Fudge. Food on the other hand though…


What languages do you speak?

I speak Dutch and English

Do You have a boyfriend?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

How long have you been drawing?

I’ve been drawing pretty much my entire life, however I only started to take things a bit more serious around 2009 (back when I was 12 years old).

What art program do you use?

I used to use Paint Tool SAI, but I recently switched over to CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

How long have you been doing youtube?

I made my first Youtube channel somewhere back in 2008. I then moved to a new account (my old “IndigoTheCoyote/IndigoMesi” account) in 2010. Finally in November 2012 I moved to my current Yuunarii account.

Will you do a face reveal?

I already did a semi-face reveal back when I announced my first meet-up. It can be found on my Twitter somewhere. However I don’t plan on making any dedicated face reveal video on Youtube. However there is a possibility I might end up showing my face during future livestreams (regarding PO box unboxing stuff).

Will you do a meetup?

I already hosted my first meet-up, earlier this year (July 2019). Everyone who attended really enjoyed it, so I probably will be hosting another meet-up sometime in 2020. Keep an eye out on my social media and Youtube community tab for possible updates.

Who is your favourite youtber?

I don’t really have a favourite YouTuber as I’m subscribed to a variety of channels. These being creepy storytime narrators, horror channels, bunny/rabbit channels, storytime animators, Touhou youtubers, social commentary people, and a bunch of others.

How did you come up with the name yuunarii?

It’s a name I thought of back when I was about 15. I wanted something slightly Japanese sounding, but not too weeby (oops). Around that time, I watched quite a lot of anime, and had recently completed this one anime called Black Rock Shooter. One of the side characters was named Yuu, which I thought had quite a nice ring to it. So I decided to incorporate this into my new username. One definition of this word/name being “gentle” (優)
Eventually I stumbled upon a word called “nari” which apparently meant “sound” (鳴り).
And… For cuteness sake I decided to throw in an extra “i” at the end. That and the username Yuunari was already taken on a bunch of sites.

What is your outro song?

My old videos mostly use RIGID BLUE by A-One. More recent videos however use せつなさフレーバー by Foxtail-Grass Studio.

EDIT: Most recent videos use Get in The Groove by Eurobeat Union


Got a question, fanart or business inquiry, feel free to shoot me a message using the form below.
You can also reach out to me through any of my social media.


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