About the Buns

My pet rabbits are very important to me.
They have brought me an immense amount of comfort throughout my life.

Hence why I want to share their stories and personalities with you.


Fudge is my beloved, 8-year-old boomer bun. He’s a harlequin-lionhead mix and is very affectionate towards others. Overall he’s a very docile bun. He spends most of his day snoozing in the sun, or demanding cuddles and pets from either me or Hazel. He also really enjoys his fresh parsley.

Fudge used to be besties with Bailey in his younger years. Unfortunately when they were both 4 years old, Bailey unfortunately passed away. So Fudge had to look for a new buddy, which turned out to be Hazel. They’ve been very close with eachother ever since.

Because Fudge is an older bunny he’s been having a few health issues in as of late, but outside of that he’s still managing fine!! Enjoying the outdoors and running around in the garden is something he still very much enjoys!!


Hazel is a 4-year-old holland mix. She’s extremely energetic and loves exploring whatever nooks and crannies she can find. If given the opportunity she’ll demolish whatever food you put in front of her. Not too surprising that she’s a bit more on the chonkier side.

I adopted Hazel a few months after Bailey had passed way, to ensure that Fudge wouldn’t be alone. We adopted her from a local rabbit shelter. Fudge got to spend a week at the rabbit shelter dating various female buns and he really took a liking to Hazel. They’ve been very good buddies ever since.

Unlike Fudge, Hazel doesn’t really enjoy petting too much, unless you happen to catch her snoring, fast asleep. Beware though, as she’s not afraid to lunge at you if you bug her too much.

Bailey (R.I.P. 2014 - 2018)

Bailey was a very sweet, very submissive and cuddly rabbit. I’m not quite sure what breed he was, but I suspect some sort of lionhead mix, as he was extremely fluffy in his face. Even more so than Fudge. Whenever Fudge was around, Bailey would always snuggle up to him, in hopes to get some kisses. He also loved to explore new places, similar to Hazel, except he was a lot more easily spooked than her. He was also a lot more gentle. Never daring to bite or scratch anyone.

Unfortunately around 2016 he started having snot issues. I tried medicating him for this but it sadly didn’t do much. After taking him to the vet at one point I was told he had a tumour in his chest, which was fused to his heart, which is what was causing these breathing issues. Unfortunately there was no way to remove this tumour, as the operation would be way too dangerous. After contemplating, I decided it’d be better to let Bailey go. Let him be free of his ailments. Even while I write this, it still hurts to think back to, 4 years after the fact.
I suspect Bailey just got dealt a very bad hand of genetic cards, which is a real shame, as Bailey was a very energetic rabbit.

One day you’ll get to see Fudge again…