• Original characters
  • Existing characters (cartoon/anime)
  • Pairings
  • Humans with animal features (e.g. Nanachi)
  • Simplified animal companions
Not Permitted
  • Animals or furries
  • Muscular characters
  • Robots & vehicles
  • NSFW (excessive nudity, gore, etc.)
  • Complex backgrounds


The prices listed below are base prices. Depending on the complexity of the piece, additional cost will be added. Factors such as character design, background, etc. will be taken into account.


Characters are drawn with very big cartoony eyes and noodle like limbs, with large, oversized clothing.
Characters will be shaded using cell shading, though I’m more than happy to change it up a bit based on your request.


While maintaining similar proportions to the cartoon style characters, this style offers a lot more detailed shading. Forms are also a lot more detailed and lighting can be a lot more dynamic.

How it works


Using the order form below, you can send me an email with your commission details.

Price quote

If things are still unclear based on the description of your commission I'll continue talking back and forth with you until I have a good idea of what you want. I'll then give you a price quote.


Before I send you an invoice for payment its important to check for the following:

  • Are commissions open?
  • Is there a free slot?

If the answer to both is yes then we can continue with payment. Like stated in my TOS, you have the option to pay 100% upfront, or split payment 50-50.


After having received payment the creation process will happen as follows:

  • Rough sketch
    First I draw up a rough sketch of your commissions. At this stage you can give me lots of feedback to make sure the commission is to your liking.
  • Detailed sketch
    After the rough sketch has been approved I proceed to clean it up and turn it into a nice detailed sketch
  • Lineart
    In this stage I outline the detailed sketch with clean lineart
  • Flat colouring
    I then proceed to add flat colouring to the drawing
  • Shading and details
    For the final touches I add shading to the drawing

Once a stage has been completed, you will receive an email with an updated preview of your commission


Once the drawing has been fully finished, and I've received full payment I'll give you two versions of your commission.

  • A web-friendly version for you to upload and use to any social media platforms you like (with credits of course)
  • A full size, high quality version of your commission for private use

Order Form